[BUY ONE GET ONE] Cradle Natural Toy & Surface Cleaner

  • ₱189.00

Cradle Natural Toy & Surface Cleaner prevents germs lurking and lingering in all objects and surfaces your child touches. It is formulated with a powerful natural antibacterial agent from the Honeysuckle plant that kills 99% of germs. Great for keeping most babies’ stuff smelling fresh, clean, and more importantly, sanitized.

  • Non-toxic sanitizer
  • Soap-free & alcohol-free

Perfect for baby belongings such as toys, strollers, car seats, playpens, high chairs, cots, baby mattresses, and even the floor where your baby crawls.

How to use:

  • Hard toys & surfaces: Spray onto toys and surfaces then wipes with a clean cloth.
  • Soft toys & fabrics: Spray into the material then air dry.
  • Electronic toys: Spray onto clean cloth then wipes until dry.