Esembly Flushers

  • ₱350.00
  • ₱700.00

A biodegradable cloth diaper liner that gives you an ick-free way to flush diaper messes.


While your baby is on a liquid diet, there’s no need for Flushers. But once they start eating 2-3 solid meals per day, Flushers will become your new best friend. They provide you with an ick-free way to flush solid waste down the toilet where it belongs—and they’re super-soft and comfortable against your baby’s skin.


Line your cloth diaper with a fresh Flusher at each diaper change. Once used, shake the Flusher (and the mess it’s collected) in the toilet and flush as usual.

Flushers are highly biodegradable and we’ve never known a toilet that didn’t like them. However, flushing any product (other than toilet paper) can cause blockage in old, damaged, or sensitive plumbing systems. If this is you, use your discretion. You may want to consider only flushing poopy liners and tossing pee liners into the trash. Or you could dispose of all liners in the trash instead of in the toilet.

Ingredients: 100% bamboo viscose

Size: 100 liners per roll