Iflin Bamboo Burp and Bib

  • ₱1,500.00
  • ₱1,950.00

We value both function and fashion when designing My Style Bamboo Burp & Bib.   We understand that you and your baby want maximum comfort, without compromising your favorite tops.   The double layers of silky soft bamboo muslin and extra soft padding in the middle will provide softness for your baby, and protection needed of your cloth at the same time.   You can rely on this extra large (12 x 24 inches) and absorbent Burp&Bib.   No more soaked, stained and stingy shirts.   The best part of this Burp&Bib is the “Stay on” neck strap, which is thoughtfully designed to keep the burp cloth on your shoulder all the time.   You can worry-free no matter what you do, no more burp cloth on the floor.  Plus, it is designed for both moms and dads who don't want to carry traditional muslin on their shoulders.   When you dress up nicely for a dinner, a party or a wedding, you need a smart and stylish burp cloth that goes well with your outfit.   You will be confident and always look nice even with the burp cloth on.

It's also perfect for traveling and outdoor activities, especially when using a baby carrier, you can put on My Style Bamboo Burp & Bib and move it to the front.   Your baby can rest her head and sleep comfortably on your chest, without scratching her face with the button on your shirt.

 For your little ones, it works as a bib by covering your baby's shoulders and snapping at the back.   The extra soft padding will do its job to catch and absorb all the drool and little messes during a yummy meal.   You can also drape it over your baby's shoulders and snap it at the front, and it will be a cute little shawl for your little pumpkin.   The extra soft padding will keep the baby warm on a chilly day.

 My Style Bamboo Burp & Bib is also a prefect baby gift.   Mom will definitely fall in love with it because of its practical function and its cute pattern & color.

Tips: You can also use it as a head rest for your baby while doing a diaper change.   The padding inside will comfort your baby's little head, while you are taking care of her bottom.

Burp cloths have never been this stylish, comfy and versatile…and doesn't fall off your shoulder too.

Size : 12″ x 24″
Pieces : 2 pieces / box (same color)