Iflin Bamboo Swaddle with Hood

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  • ₱1,950.00

Swaddling is a time-tested technique to calm the baby, and help the baby to sleep better and longer because it imitates the security of mother's womb.   Therefore, swaddle blanket is a newborn essential and definitely a great helper for new moms and dads because if your baby sleeps well, you can sleep & rest well too.

 My Comfy Bamboo Swaddle is made of our own developed bamboo muslin, making it so soft, so smooth and so gentle.   Its silky soft touch will comfort and soothe your baby just like your cozy arms.   It also comes with a hood to keep your baby's tiny head warm. 

 With its generous size, you can find it so useful and versatile.   Apart from a swaddle blanket, it's also perfect as…

• A daytime blanket
• An on-the-go blanket
• A towel for unexpected baths
• A stroller canopy or a sunshield on a nice day in the park
• A diaper changing pad
• A nap time pad
• A tummy time pad / a play mat
• As you desire

Experience less sleepless night with My Comfy Bamboo Swaddle

 Size : 45″ x 45″
Age : Newborn  and above
Piece : 1 piece / box