imani Flange Inserts (pair)

  • ₱699.00

imani flange inserts made of BPA-free medical-grade silicone. 1 box includes 2 pieces.

They are compatible with:

  • i1 hospital-grade breast pump
  • i1 Plus hospital-grade breast pump
  • i2 wearable breast pump
  • i2 Plus wearable breast pump
  • hands-free cups

How to measure for flange size:

Step 1: After breastfeeding, measure your nipple tip with a ruler in millimeters.
Step 2: Add 4mm to your nipple measurement for allowance. Example: 20mm + 4mm = 24mm   This is your flange size.

If you are in-between sizes, get the bigger size.

Example: Measurement is 25mm, your flange size is 28mm.