imani i2 Plus Handsfree Wearable Breast Pump with Charging Dock (PAIR)

  • ₱13,950.00

i2 Plus gives you the confidence to discreetly pump anywhere, anytime. This is a hands-free breast pump that has no huge motor, tubes, or wires to carry. No more audible whooshing sounds to hear. Wear under your shirt bra and pump truly hands-free.

i2 Plus provides you with more visual cues and control of your pumping session – choose which mode to start on, pause and play, and adjustable auto-shutoff timer.


No more hiding in the mommy’s room when you pump. i2 Plus is light and small enough to be worn inside your bra.


Use both hands freely without the need for a special bra to hold it in place.

More visuals and control

i2 Plus provides you more visual information and control over your pumping session – choose which mode to start on, pause and play, adjustable auto-shutoff timer. 

The LED display shows:

  • Battery Life
  • Mode of use (Pump/Massage)
  • Timer (how long pump has been on)
  • Suction level (1 – 5)

No more messy wires

The imani charging dock lets you charge both i2 Plus motors at the same time and gives you a space to store them neatly at home or at the office.

Every purchase of an imani i2 Plus pair gives you a charging dock for free (*subject to change in the future). 

Charging dock is NOT included when you purchase 1 piece / single i2 Plus.

Sizes and Dimension

i2 Plus body:
Size: W80 x L65 x H60 (mm)
Weight: 160g

i2 Plus hands-free cup set
Height: 69mm;
Diameter: 109mm
Capacity: 7oz / 210mL per cup

Technical Details

Memory Function: Yes

Timer: Yes

Pause function: Yes

Rechargeable: Yes

With backflow prevention design: Yes

Modes: 2 (Massage, Express)

Cup and connector: Essten

Breast Shield: Silicone

Default flange included: 25mm (as of Sept 2, 2022)

Default insert included: 21mm (as of Sept 2, 2022)

Running time: Approx 2.5 hours (varies depending on intensity level, time pumped and frequency)

Charging time: 3 hours

Auto-shutoff (in minutes): Adjustable from 10 minutes to 40 minutes in increments of 5 minutes

Digital LED display: Yes

Suction strength (mmhg): max at 300mmhg

Battery (mAh): 1400mAh

Main pump weight: 160g

Charging cable: USB-C

* Slight variations in color, translucency, texture are expected but do not affect the performance of the item.

Each pair of imani i2 Plus breast pump sets include a charging dock, and 2 of each: 

  • Pump Motor
  • Clear Handsfree Cup
  • Clear Connector
  • Valve
  • Protector
  • 25mm Silicone Funnel
  • 21mm Silicone Insert
  • Charging Cable