MiDeer 6pc Washable and Twistable Silky Colorful Crayon

  • ₱190.00
  • ₱240.00

Keep the creative juices flowing while drawing with colors!

Let your kids have fun creating their first masterpiece with Mideer Silky Crayons 6! Have a smooth drawing experience doing silky strokes and vibrant drawings using professional colors for a bright and well painted artwork. The world is your kid's canvass, so let them paint and draw anywhere without the hassle of cleaning the stains because each scribble is easy to erase and wash! With a piece of wet cloth or wet tissue, just wipe the surface that you want to be cleaned. 

For more functions, Mideer Silky Crayons can also be used for: 

-watercolor painting 

-crayon painting

-finger painting

Always inspire your kids to do more and let them draw their imagination with Mideer Silky Crayons!