Pampers Baby-Dry Pants

  • ₱320.00

Easy-On & Easy Tear-Off

Makes diaper changing for active babies simple

Easy On

Soft like underwear, just pull on Pampers pants and you're done

Easy Tear-Off

Whether baby has peed or pooped, just tear off the sides when it's time to change!

Skin Dryness

Helps baby sleep through the night

NEW! 3 magic channels

Up to 3x more absorbent

Magic Gel

UPGRADED! Instantly absorbs wetness to minimize pee contact with skin

All Around Comfort

Gently hugs your baby as they wriggle & roll

Soft stretchy belt

Adjusts to baby's movement so it fits perfectly every time

Soft cotton-like cover

Soft and gentle on skin for reduced friction

Gentle & Skin-Protecting

Helps Protect Against Irritation

Lets air flow through

Allows baby's skin to breath comfortably

Skin-friendly lotion

Acts as a mild barrier to support skin health