Play by TBLC Wooden Rainbow Nesting House

  • ₱1,112.50
  • ₱2,225.00

Home sweet home! Five rainbow colored house-shaped pieces nest together in this beautiful, handmade Wooden Rainbow Nesting House.

This Nesting House provides endless play opportunities for babies and toddlers as they stack, sort, and nest the colorful shapes, while older children will find infinite possibilities in the shapes and colors for their building projects, from bridges to tunnels, fences, caves, and more.

Essential to every nursery or home, nesting toys offer a happy way for children to develop important skills.

As your baby or toddler grabs the blocks and attempts to fit them together, she is practicing hand-eye coordination as well as physical skills.

What's more, the natural texture and bright colors of Play by TBLC's wooden blocks help stimulate your child's senses. If you like, give the blocks a light coating of beeswax poloish to add another layer of sensory fun.

This heirloom toy will be cherished for generations.