Tiny Buds Silicone Baby Bottle Brush

  • ₱340.00
  • ₱400.00
Tiny Buds  Baby Bottle Brush is made from 100% Safe & Eco-Friendly Silicone. The soft but durable bristles are designed to clean hard to reach each areas without scratching the surface - safe to use for plastic and glass bottles.

Unlike traditional or nylon Bottle Brushes that easily scratch the surfaces of baby bottles and utensils leaving spaces for milk or food residue and bacteria buildup.

It is also fitted with a small special nipple brush that unscrews from the bottom of the handle.
  • Smart Design for thorough cleaning
  • Protects Bottles & Utensils from scratch and damage
  • Durable, non-break bristles
  • Designed to fit easily into bottle necks
  • Dual ends to clean bottles & nipples
  • Non-slip grip for wet hands
  • Stain & bacteria resistant
  • Made with eco-friendly biodegradable material
  • Keeps baby bottles new longer

Each Set comes with: 1 x Silicone Bottle Brush Head & Body, 1 x Nipple Cleaner